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In Living Color: A Guide to Interracial Dating

Imagine a common sight in a shopping mall, at the park, even in a doctor’s office-a man holding hands with his girlfriend. Yet, when those same two people are from different races, say, the man is African-American and the woman Asian, suddenly things change. Notice how people react? They get a second look, and the rude ones might even stare, point, or whisper. Yes, society does seem to have become more open to the concept of interracial dating, yet there still exists a wall of silent antagonism against couples who choose to date someone from another race. And in some cases, this wall is not so silent.

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The ones who usually point and stare are the strangers, nameless people you come across in the street; and that’s actually the easy part. Most of the judging and the ridicule will come from the immediate families of the couple, especially if they are old school and not used to this kind of thing. Sometimes, friends also don’t understand and are quick to give their verdict on the matter. Clearly, interracial dating is more challenging than dating someone of your own color. Things can get unpleasant with pressure from all sides, and this might make the two of you think about stopping the dating process. And if you never really dated anyone outside of your race and are just beginning to do it, you might be more sensitive to all the looks and comments.

Remember that people’s opinions are just that-opinions. Whatever they think or say about you dating someone from a different race won’t change how you feel about that person. All this might seem like such a hassle, but it doesn’t mean that interracial dating is a bad idea and shouldn’t even be bothered with. In fact, it is a great way to broaden your horizons and meet people from different cultures, and who knows, maybe even get to develop a loving, lasting relationship? The important thing is to respect each other’s language, customs, and traditions, not letting anything get in the way of your seeing each other. Have fun; maybe even teach him a bit of Spanish or write her a poem in Filipino. What matters is that you both get to agree on the big issues, like religion-but that is something the two of you will have to talk about once you decide to take your relationship to the next level.

The old cliché about opposites attracting applies really well to interracial dating. Success stories of people finding love with someone so different from them abound. Yes, it is difficult not to get affected by other people’s judgment, but there are ways around this. If you are deeply attracted to each other, don’t sweat the small stuff-ignore the stares and the whispers. Talk to your family and let them know that you need them to understand and respect your wishes. Remember that ultimately, it is your life and it is your decision that counts.


Dating – The Latest and Greatest Way is Online Dating

The number of dating sites is growing astronomically and along with it, the users of these sites. The joining up to these membership sites has been made easy and the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, possible. What were the chances that online dating would replace the old fashioned method? It has been revealed that hundreds of couples have gone on to consummate happy and lasting marriages and relationships, as a result of meeting on-line, so it has had its share of knockers but many successes.

Online Dating

Most membership sites have a joining fee and a simple process to complete. Once you have had your application accepted you can move to your profile page and put in as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with revealing about yourself. Remember to keep it as close to who you truly are and look. Some couples when they arrange their first offline meeting have been extremely disappointed at having been deceived by what they had been told and seen and there has never been a repeat date!

For those who find meeting and going on their first date with a perfect stranger stressful, online dating could be just the ticket. It gives you a chance to get to know the person before actually having your first date. You are not being persuaded by other instincts and this relaxes you and enables you to be yourself. If however you discover that you aren’t compatible before going on your first date then no harm has been done and no feelings have been hurt and you can move on to get to know another member.

Along with the dating sites, sister type sites have sprung up providing reviews, tips and guidance to those looking for information on how to go about meeting people, both online and offline.

Just imagine waking up and going online to find that someone has viewed your profile overnight and sent you a smile, which is an indicator they would like to chat with you. You could be sitting there un-showered and still in your night attire, but carrying out a conversation with someone who could become a potential husband or wife!

You could be communicating with someone from Japan or Rome or London which if you hit it off gives you the opportunity of overseas travel and a holiday. Who knows, all going well, maybe even a honeymoon in an exotic destination.

Whatever the outcome while getting to know a person use common sense, listen to your gut instincts and if something doesn’t feel comfortable, politely dismiss yourself of the person and block them from being able to communicate with you again. The dating site will also give you guidance on what to do and look out for, so read what you can on the site.

To your future happiness

Psychology and Long-Term Dating an Hour Apart

Five steps can make dating a person who lives away from you as easy as riding a bicycle. You just have to learn how to use psychology. Now, I don’t mean the kind we use to manipulate or hurt someone. I’m talking about the psychology that helps us in understanding another person so well that we can almost predict their next action or statement.

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Everybody is unique and different in their own way. That is why dating is so complicated. One thing is the same for all of us and it’s our emotions. We all feel pain, grief, happiness, loss, love, lust, etc. Psychology helps us in relationships and dating because we learn what sparks these emotions in the other person and we do it by learning about ourselves.

Here are 5 Easy Steps that will = Success:

1. Talk, but remember to listen. People have been saying for years just how important communication is in any relationship and it is the TRUTH! This becomes especially important in disagreements/arguments. Psychology tells us that arguing/blaming/put-downs will always lead to the other person feeling like a victim. This is when the pouting child comes out in all of us. You might notice a change in body language. They may have a more tense posture; crossed arms, or a look of betrayal. The person who is pouting is no longer listening…they have switched into a defensive mode and have converted all of their brain power to thinking of a way to argue. For us who date in distance…your phone line may fall silent for many awkward minutes (We can’t see the body language, but we hear it all too well). If you make the mistake of forcing your other person into this mode…let them calm down and then do the right thing. Keep your tone low and talk as if you are speaking to your equal. You don’t have to agree or be perfectly the same, but you do need to acknowledge that the other person has a differing opinion and is entitled to it.

2. Think before you speak. This is a tip that will keep you out of a lot of trouble. I believe a lot of us have trouble finding the right words. Some have more problems than the rest of us, so also remember to have some mercy for your person. Think before you speak…it says it all. It often sounds nice as it flashes in your head, but you speak it and you can’t figure out what you were thinking. The problem is that you weren’t thinking. When you have something important to say…think how you would feel hearing your words if you were the other person. This is where you have to learn that understanding you is essential in understanding someone else. You feel and they feel.

3. Make time to see each other. We all lead such busy lives anymore. Sometimes, it seems as if there are not enough hours in the day to half of what I have to do. People now have to balance work, school, family, friends, relationships/dating, and time for themselves. It is very hard to resist the lazy urge that says we can’t make time for even one more thing. You might feel physically and mentally tired, but relationships take work. Plus, the emotional satisfaction you get from being around a significant other is always worth the little extra work. A hint: You don’t always have to dine over candlelight or spend large sums of money. Make time to call them during a lunch break. Surprise them by showing up randomly…make sure it’s convenient.

4. Show you care. This sounds so corny and maybe a little too obvious to most, but it is complicated. Many people have expectations that will show how much a person cares. You should be able to learn what is important to your person just by listening. Those intimate talks snuggled under a warm blanket or watching a new flick are not just fillers for when the movie is getting boring or you’re not making out. They are helpful little tips that will tell you what they like or dislike. It’s also good to try new things even if you’re not sure they will like it. Hint: I’m not a flower girl, but I absolutely loved the gesture. Also, remember what they say to you, especially when you see that cute little twinkle glistening in their eyes-It is important to them. Basically, anything that shows you took the time to think about that special person is a great way to show you care.

5. Don’t give up-let them know the relationship is worth it to you. Long-distance relationships are tough enough. They don’t need to become any harder by one person deciding that the difficulty is just too much for them. Most of these relationships fail and not because the people were unhappy with the other person. They usually just give up on trying. Many hours are spent talking on the phone or over the Internet. That means there are a lot less hours of actually being together and seeing one another. Some people can’t handle being away from the person they are dating for so long. That feeling only gets worse as the relationship grows, so it is important to not give up. You have to work harder. Let the other person know that you miss them and want to see them. Let them know that they are worth it to you and that you wouldn’t give up on them. That will help them through their tougher times away from you.

I hope these tips will be useful to you. Just don’t stop talking and listening. Try finding what makes you and your person so great. Not even distance can come between two people who are truly happy and want to be together. As they say: “love will find a way.”

Dateaholism – Mixing Dating and Alcohol to Harmful Levels

Knowing Your Love Through The Curtain of Inebriative Dysfunctionality
Many people in their dating lives go through the above condition for the first weeks or months of their relationship. Most would say: “Why not! Parteee.” But when you look at Dating as the place where relationships grow, possible marital states begin, “dateaholism” is a kind of wrong-headed physical way of getting to “know you”.


The “Curtain of Inebriative Dysfunctionality” is a semi humorous description of the fact that many of us have to begin our relationships apologizing through a maze of mistakes, overstatements, sloppy kisses and near fights as you fight through the spider web of boozy attempts to begin to understand this precious person that you might eventually call “My Love”.

It is a difficult road to get off of, once you a relying on the way alcohol seems to knock off the edges of tension and add a glow of charm, that really isn’t there. It’s the American Way of celebrating, but sometimes it cuts into the edge of romance in a way that we do not expect.

The First Date

Let’s just call the First Date that time that we hope to get through without regret, in which we both help each other through the nerves with generous amounts of exotic, pretty, sweet drinks, half of which are named with soft porn language and other numb skull appellations.

It starts with the guy hoping the girl will drink generously. He wants her to be nervous, so he can splash the colored drinks or bubbly this or that down his throat without much notice. If either restrains themselves, this itself causes a new level of nerves! Are they a teetotaler? Then he quickly volunteers that he will be the Designated Driver, because “I wasn’t gonna drink much anyway.”

So, then he says, “We’re callin’ a Cab, OK?” Turns out that’s what she was nervous about. They give each other a high five and start pulling out the credit card.

Nothing much happened, but that’s OK. We had to get through the First Date, and it turns out, that was the main goal. Both of them feel better about each other and the First Date. They think they like each other pretty much. After all they don’t hate each other, and they are still attracted to each other. Goal Number One accomplished.

The Next Dates

They go OK. They avoid snapping at each other after an argument about “when to have kids”. This was an argument neither wished to have, but they drank much that night. Sporting affairs, movies, dinner, a family picnic – they all seemed to go by without too much negativity. Then one night she asked: “Does it seem to you that we are never sober when we talk? This made him feel a bit uncomfortable because he kind of agreed with her. “Yeah, you know, it’s like we got into a habit of really slamming it down”. But then they stopped talking about it, and noticed that each of them slowed down a little. To add a little consciousness to the enterprise, let’s meet next time and be totally sober the whole time. What do you think?”

“Totally? Duuuuude!” They laugh.

Continued Dates

The gentleman liked it when drink was not discussed. Booze and women. It’s an age old issue, and he wanted to benefit from the situation. They proceeded happily, but not thrillingly. She started asking herself how authentic their relationship was. He wondered how much fun she really was without booze in her. Then that “Kids” question came up. It’s just something people tend to find out, even if they are not talking about getting married. One of those questions that is heaped together with drugs, rock and roll, sports teams, religion and politics. Then the night turned into The Wrong Night.

The Wrong Night

They started snapping at each other because she was on edge. He tried to find out why. Then she made an allusion to kids. Then to smooth things, he doubled up on her booze. “We’re not talking about how many kids to have in some theoretical possible marriage. We’re talking about having kids in nine months.”

His jaw dropped, and her smile did not appear. “It seems like you and I have been a little bit amateur about our boozy get togethers. You know what I mean? It was just a scare. But one of those scares that tells you how to go straight.”

Sometimes there are three of us in bed. “You and me and Mr. Booze” He confessed thoughtfully. It’s like we have “Dateaholism”. She smiled as she folded her hands. It was like she was on a cloud of quiet in the loud and clanking Diner. “Why don’t we try some sobriety on for size?” He beamed “Worth a try.”

They went on for weeks and months. Got more real with each other, and did not have any more “scares”. They still see each other. Their “dateaholic” behavior and “near miss” had put a damper on things. Neither of them is done with the other. But they both say they know each other much better than those early crazy days. They are going to “Big Bear” in a month to rekindle old fires.

Why is Online Dating so Popular?

Why online dating so popular these days is is something everyone is asking. The answer is it is now in the acceptable way to meet people of the opposite sex in the prospect of dating. In past years, your off-line friends may have scoffed at the idea of you finding a day on the Internet, and that is because the Internet was not as popular.

Today finding a date online is one of the more popular ways of finding a date simply because in almost every home within the United States there is a computer. I think everyone has thought about using these dating sites in a different way recently. That is because now the media plays a bigger role in advertising the sites and people tend to believe in the media.

Sites like E-harmony and Yahoo personals put millions of dollars into advertising on the television to bring in more people to their web site for the sole purpose of meeting their soul mates. The people in the commercials look so extremely happy, and that persuades more people to go ahead and try these sites.

There has been such a huge increase in the Internet dating sites on the Internet within the past year or so. The online dating industry knows, that is there are many people out there who would like to meet people from the comforts of their own homes.

There are paid online dating sites, as well as free online dating sites. Which is better well it depends on who exactly is on the site. Personally, I have tried E-harmony and Yahoo personals and I did not really find what I was looking for. I tried the free sites on and on plenty of fish, is where I seem to have hit the jackpot, and finding my soul mate.


Plenty of fish is one of those free dating sites, but it has a huge user base with people all over the world. This means you can find plenty of people in your local area, that you can get to know from the comfort of your own home.

I suggest that if you are trying to break into online dating and one to try dating sites, try a free one. By utilizing a free dating site, you get a feel of how they work, without spending any money.

You will find that after you have visited a few Internet dating sites, you will find the same people tend to be on a few different sites. This is ok this is an expanding your search field as far as dating goes. I find there is nothing wrong with expanding the field, because you are better equipped to find exactly what you are looking for.